MBNYFW – Nina Skarra channels St Tropez

image: the upcoming image: magnifeco

By Kate | Women
Posted Sep 15, 2012

Nina Skarra’s collections combine the purity of Scandinavian design, known for its simplicity and the use of traditional sartorial craftsmanship, quality fabrics and a sustainable production process. With ambitions to have a ‘global impact’ on the sustainability agenda, Nina Skarra is focusing on the development of green, sustainable design. The concept of Nina Skarra’s sustainability is about the whole footprint of the product, from raw material to disposal. Nina Skarra materials are silk, wool, bamboo, soya, eco leather, and organic cotton. All these materials are 100% biodegradable and 100% eco friendly.

Every aspect of the production process, the design, the distribution, everyday use and re-use is of importance. The core sustainability message to the customer is the sum of all the environmental friendly enhancements, documenting these improvements across the whole value chain and providing transparency through making this documentation available. Inspired by Skarra’s mother and grandmother, the SS13 collection recalled St. Tropez in the 60′s, where Skarra’s mother spent time as a model. Eco-fashion model and slow fashion promoter Summer Rayne Oakes remarked it was like  ”Cinderella’s Ball” for the whimsical and dreamy palette that floated through the light-filled atrium.

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