Meemoza – bright, stylish and local

By Ana | Women
Posted Jul 22, 2012

Last time I was here, I talked about Oom Ethikwear and their great array of organic basics, but another Montreal-based brand that I found around the same time is Meemoza. The name is a play on the word mimosa that evokes the idea of hope that is behind the line. If I had to guess what this hope alludes to, I’d venture to say a bright and stylish future for our wonderful planet, because a quick look at their collection definitely gave me a lot of hope!

Meemoza checks so many of the requirements for being an eco-fashion line: for one, it uses eco-fabrics, primarily modal and tencel, which are both fibers derived from wood pulp – beech and eucalyptus, respectively – and made through chemical processes with very little impact on the environment; also, the clothing is created and sewn locally – for us Montrealers and, in the bigger picture, we could even generalize it to Canadians – which practically eliminates the negative impact of transportation across the world; and finally, they do it all with the help of a local contractor that specializes in small series production.

You’d think that ensuring this high standard of sustainability would take away from the creation process and the actual design of the garments, but it doesn’t take long to realize that this couldn’t be further from the truth. This is a brand after my own heart: not only sustainable, but also effortlessly stylish and wonderfully feminine.

For one, this Barcelona dress made from 100% tencel ($110) is the kind of piece I’d love to live in all summer long. Perfectly cinched in with an elastic waist, I’d take it anywhere from a work day – paired with a wider belt and classic pumps and topped off with a lightweight blazer – to a weekend outing where I would only add a flat, strappy pair of sandals.

I find this pair of 100% organic cotton Dundee shorts ($79) to have the perfect length – long enough to be appropriate for most occasions, but short enough to take things up a notch from the much too casual pair of bermudas. Because I love to embrace colour in the summer especially, I also prefer this punchy red colour to the even more versatile black option. Meemoza ships to Canada and the U.S. (except Manitoba).

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