Mens Week – Hand-made Thursdays

By Kate | Men
Posted Aug 5, 2010

Whether you blame the size of smart phones or trending fashion – the ‘murse’ (or male purse) is becoming more and more common. And no where is it easier to show your eco-cred than with an ethical statement bag. BillyKirk‘s collection of leather goods are handcrafted by a group of Amish leather workers in Pennsylvania. The brainchild of brothers Kirk and Chris, most of the leather they use is domestic or Italian in origin and is vegetable dyed in the tradition of the old West. It is ideal for their designs because of its durability and how it changes and ages over time. Vegetable dying is also better for the environment than chrome dying.

Fans of the brand send in photos of the product ‘in use’ – this one was purchased in 2004. The NO. 123 unisex hand-stitched shoulder pouch has a loop closure will keep everything secure. Shoulder strap adjusts with collar buttons. Dull nickel silver hardware. Oiled and edged (all of their leather is hand treated with natural oils and beeswax so that over time the patina that the leather achieves is beautiful) 6 1/2″ X 8.” Comes in brown, tan, black and natural.  $250.00. Ships everywhere (email for details).

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