Mikuti – banana bark bangles

By Kate | Women
Posted Sep 27, 2011

Mikuti, meaning “Dried Leaf” in Kiswahili, is inspired by the beauty of the Swahili Coast and the magnificent landscapes of East Africa. Mikuti seeks to merge the world of jewellery, fashion, and mindful economic development by creating a unique jewellery brand sourced from organic, natural, recycled, and local materials, such as banana bark, recycled aluminum, and local textiles. Mikuti started after founder, Erika Freund, spent the summer of 2009 volunteering with a very small NGO in the Meru District of Tanzania. Originally her work was focused on International Social Work through Agriculture Development, but after a series of serendipitous events, Freund saw potential in the natural resource of the Banana Tree and through this the original Mikuti Bangle emerged.

Pile these bangles up your arm for a dramatic look and make a gorgeous statement! These bracelets come in stacks of 3, packaged together. Was $65, now $50.00 – on sale. The local affiliates share in the profits of the company and receive fair trade wages for their efforts and contributions, plus a portion ofMikuti ‘s sales are reinvested back into the community to fund different local issues and on-the-ground business development.

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