Nau – counting down to winter

By Kate | Men
Posted Nov 30, 2012

Nau’s goal is to use design to redefine business so that it can be a force for change. They do this by making sustainability and philanthropy inherent in everything they do. Founded in Portland in 2007, Nau has quickly built a reputation for offering, stylish, sustainable threads in premium, eco-friendly fabrics. Dedicated to the triple bottom line, Nau designs for social, material, and aesthetic sustainability.

Nau has grabbed our attention for for two reasons: every Friday until December 14 they are offering a weekly wrap-up of  select pieces at 50-70% off. For example, the down hoody (above) was $315 and this Friday is now $149 USD.

Secondly, Nau has expanded and now offer a section of the site they call the ‘collective.’  A curated collection of like-minded companies who share their vision, it offers essentials like Nudie jeans, Timberland and Redwing boots. Redwing is a century-old, Minnesota based workwear icon that offers hand-crafted, purpose-built boots made in the U.S.A.

We are big fans of the ‘Nau and Forever Guarantee’ – if a Nau product does not perform to expectations during its long lifetime, simply return it and they’ll replace it or extend a refund. Because they build sustainability into everything they make, their products are designed to have a long lifespan, longer sometimes than their usefulness to a single person. For that reason, they guarantee them to be free of manufacturer defects whether you’re the first, second or simply most recent owner. Hand them down, pass them on or give them away: Nau warrantees their products until normal wear and tear run their course. Magnifeco!

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