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By Kate | Women
Posted Sep 22, 2012 is our boutique of the week.  Founders Regine Harr and Boris Berghammer identified an issue: “We’ve all seen someone wearing the exact same outfit as ourselves. It’s awkward and embarrassing… and now, there’s a way to avoid it!” They created nelou as an independent fashion website that finds the best, unique designs and, through their platform, matches thousands of independent and emerging fashion designers with consumers around the world.

The site is completely bilingual in English and German and hosts 550 independent designers from 30 countries. “The fashion industry has changed dramatically over the last decade into a much more diverse and exciting industry,” state the founders. “We could witness two trends in the fashion industry. Firstly, a lot of students coming out of University want to give their creativity a go and start their own little label. This great pool of talent which has been untapped creates a huge opportunity for changes in the industry. Secondly and on the other hand we have the consumers which are becoming increasingly interested in young designers which have not yet hit the big stage. Consumer demands for more individual designs and fashion is growing, moving away from mass production. Furthermore, consumers want to be able to get in touch with the designers and want to identify with them and their lives. was born out of the desire to get these two interest groups together.” Magnifeco!

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