Noujica – hand crafted in Montreal

By Kate | Women
Posted Feb 27, 2012

As a sign of the changing seasons, sales seem to be popping up everywhere! Including Noujica‘s Etsy-shop! Love this Montreal-based duo who seem to have a way with silkscreening and subtle colours in their range of sustainable clothing accessories.  This organic cotton hood is reversible and can be worn as a hood or just as a scarf. The cotton on the outside of the hood is teal with silkscreen flower, while the inside is black. Was $76 and is now 40% off -$45.00 USD.

This hooded scarf, also made from 100% organic cotton, comes in a range of neutral colours from earthy tones to classic black. The arrow print is inspired from Inuit art. Was $78, and is now 20% off – $62.00 USD.

The corset belt is made of organic cotton and recycled leather and is also reversible with screenprinting on one side and solid colour on the other. Easy to wear, the cotton contains 6% spandex to provide flexibility to adjust to varying shapes. Was $66, now 20% off – $53.00 USD. Ships everywhere.

Using only recycled and organic materials such as leather, cotton and linen, Noujica is the collaboration of printed textile design artist Catherine Cournoyer and glass artist Jinny Levesque. By integrating screen printing, glass work, drawing and sewing, they have created a unique line of clothing and accessories that are hand crafted in their Montreal-based studio. Together they support the local work force by ensuring any necessary outsourcing of goods and services are provided primarily by Quebec-based companies.

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