Nui Organic – clothing for kids made socially & environmentally responsibly

By Kate | Kids
Posted Feb 3, 2013

Nui Organic clothing use only 100% certified organic merino wools and cottons in their stylish kids clothing line. Promising ‘no harsh chemicals for your child, or their planet’ Nui Organic uses merino wool that is certified organic to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards). It is completely free of harsh chemicals normally found in wool growing that can contribute to wool sensitivity or wool allergy in some people. Nui merino is a natural resource which is biodegradable, sustainable and a renewable resource, growing back year after year. It is by far the better choice for your child and the environment they will grow up in.

Organic wool is free of pesticides, formaldehyde, polyester, foams, dioxins and other additives used in conventional manufacturing practices. The sheep are grazed on pesticide free land and are never sprayed or dipped as is commonly practiced in conventional wool prduction systems. Organic sheep are bred for resistance to parasites and are fed on organically certified pasture to build healthy immune systems. Mulesing (the removal of wool and skin near the sheeps rear end to prevent fly-strike) is not practiced. Land is not overstocked, causing less stress to pasture and sheep. Organic sheep are happy sheep.

Wool is a natural fiber and a renewable resource that is non-allergenic. Organic wool can be used extensively by those who normally suffer from chemical sensitivity when in contact with conventionally grown wool. Some 8000 chemicals are known to be used in the modern textile industry. Sometimes those who ‘react’ to wool are actually displaying a reaction to the harsh scouring agents, dyes and chemicals used in conventional wool production and not the wool itself. Merino wool is naturally self-extinguishing, meaning no chemical flame retardants are added.

The New Zealand and Australian organic farms, where the Nui Organic wool comes from are committed to long-term sustainable farming practices. The purchase of Nui Organic merino promotes clean air, clean water and soils free of toxic chemicals while delivering a soft, itch-free fabric that provides warmth without bulk and is non-irritating to even sensitive skin.

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