Okimono – original design, strictly limited editions

Okimono Shop in Arnhem

By Kate | Men
Posted Dec 28, 2012

You are what you wear, goes the new adage. So what does that mean when logos slapped across your apparel render you a walking billboard? Do you buy the message? The brand? What about the brand’s backstory (child labour, factory fire deaths)? Those troubled by this conundrum and seeking unique design with ethical backbone flock to Okimono.

Dutch-based Okimono is a design-driven brand offering high quality, eco-friendly and fair t-shirts released in limited series of 100 pieces.

Okimono is a Japanese term meaning “ornament for display; objet d’art; decorative object” and the t-shirt brand offers that: unique iconic art work for the young at heart. More than a clothing company, Okimono bills themselves as a ‘lifestyle brand’ combining art, design, fashion, music, and conscious consumerism. Collaborating with a growing variety of artists, Okimono is fueled by a collective of talented individuals who strive to create unique iconic designs ready to be worn with pride, off and on stage.

Committed to eco-friendly materials and social responsibility, Okimono has adopted a Zero Tolerance policy regarding: use of child labour, safe and healthy working conditions, no use of forced labour, payment of a living wage, no excessive work hours and ensures all shirts are manufactured in the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

When in Arnhem, visit their shop on De Bakkerstraat or shop online.

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