Oliberté – Pride. Power. Liberty. This is Africa.

By Kate | Men
Posted Mar 2, 2011

When Oliberté first shared the idea of manufacturing their footwear in Africa, many thought why? Why or how could anyone want to make shoes in a place full of so much poverty and corruption? The answer was simple – they didn’t see an Africa that’s categorised by negative generalizations. Oliberté believes that with the right partners, each country within Africa has the means to grow and support its people. So that’s what they do – Oliberté partners with factories, suppliers, farmers and workers to produce premium footwear in Africa, but they do more than that. They work create fair jobs, with the goal of contributing to the development of a thriving middle class. This Adibo Men’s boot features nubuck upper, 100% goat leather lining and recycled crepe rubber outsole. Made in Ethiopia $139 CAD.

Love these red Rovia shoes, a mix of nubuck and suede upper, goat leather lining, natural crepe rubber outsole. Made in Ethiopia. $119 CAD. Ships everywhere.

Magnifeco is proud to be supporting Fairtrade Fortnight. The product in this feature may not be certified fairtrade, but their principles are aligned with what is fair.

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