One Planet One Future: An NYC Exhibition for the Environment

Artist Anne de Carbuccia Image: Clint Spaulding, WWD Image: Time Shrine Foundation Image: Time Shrine Foundation Image: Time Shrine Foundation Image: Time Shrine Foundation Image: Time Shrine Foundation

By Staff | Events
Posted Sep 15, 2016

You may have missed the opening party, but you shouldn’t miss the exhibit. Tuesday night the fashion crowd of New York added the opening of ONE: One Planet One Future to their agendas. The event drew a mix of fashion and philanthropy art collectors including Donna Karan, Julie Gilhart, Harvey Weinstein and more to support artist Anne de Carbuccia (a former fashion designer) and her mission to raise awareness and protect vulnerable environments and cultures.

With a passion for the planet and a nomadic spirit, de Carbuccia has been traveling the planet to create ‘live life’ pieces (a nod to classic ‘still life’ composition). Each image contains a skull and hourglass, using vanitas as the connecting thread. Vanitas art, using a skull and an hourglass as symbols of vanity and time, is a genre that dates back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Traveling with them both and placing them  in symbolically significant environments with other locally found objects, de Carbuccia creates an installation—a shrine—to draw attention to that particular location or to honor its beauty.

The images and an accompanying short film were made on expeditions which de Carbuccia traveled with a very small crew and an instinctive sense of purpose. Her photographs are both an homage to their subjects—water, forests, endangered species—and an exposé on the ruinous effects of pollution and war. They record what is fast disappearing for future generations while also serving as a plea to reimagine a new world.

The indoor exhibition is in what was once the Westbeth Sculpture Room. During Hurricane Sandy, the space was completely flooded. The installation reproduces the effect of the flood as a reminder of that event and a call to action, as climate change caused by human activities continues to disrupt weather patterns.

The entrance to the exhibition is on the top floor, above the main gallery and photo coves, providing visitors with a bird’s eye view of the space. Reflections on the pools, the sound of water dropping, and the gradual descent into the main gallery sets the mood for the exhibition experience. Visitors discover the photographic works as they navigate the main gallery and four separate photos coves via a wooden deck.

Plus, there is an exterior component of the exhibition on a part of the Highline that has never been used before. This inaccessible stretch of the Highline will be “re-wilded” with fifty-four trees interspersed with three teleidoscopes—a kind of kaleidoscope with a lens and an open view that creates kaleidoscopic patterns from objects both inside and outside the instrument. The trees and the “game of lights” projections are visible from Washington Street.

ONE • One Planet One Future is an extended two-month live event hosted by Time Shrine Foundation (de Carbuccia’s foundation, all proceeds from the sale of her work goes back to support environmental efforts in the places where they were shot).

Westbeth Center for the Arts
155 Bank Street, New York, NY 10014

September 16 – November 21, 2016

Entrance Free of Charge







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