Oöm Ethikwear – Masters of the Sartorial Basics

By Ana | Women
Posted Jun 28, 2012

Several years ago when I moved to Montreal, I had no idea what eco-fashion was. With time, I started learning more and more about it, but all of my attempts to find local eco-labels failed. Now, ready to give it another try, I’m realizing that the Montreal fashion scene is a little greener than I had thought, and I’m looking forward to sharing here all the local gems that I come across.

To start, I turned my attention towards Oöm Ethikwear. This company saw its humble beginnings when founder Pascal Benaksas-Couture, questioning his career in the financial sector, joined forces with Pascale Clauzier and together they bought 50 T-shirts with a credit card and printed them with the positive message “We all have a dream”. Later on, with the addition of designer Ariane Michaud, the company started turning into the ethical – both socially and environmentally – brand that it is today.

Now far from selling just printed T-shirts, Oöm Ethikwear produces its garments locally in collaboration with socially engaged organizations primarily from the province of Quebec, and uses eco-friendly fabrics like organic and recycled cotton, and recycled polyester. They have mastered the art of this closet staple that is the tee, and have ventured further into a wider selection of stylish and practical garments such as skirts, leggings, and dresses, both for adults and for children and babies.

This grey, 100% tencel (a durable fabric made from wood pulp) jersey Loosefit T-shirt ($48 CAD) is both on-trend with its asymmetrical hemline and a classic that is sure to have a long life in any closet. If it were mine, I think I’d have a hard time taking it off, and I’d pair it with everything from denim cut-offs to a pencil skirt.

To me, this pair of Fuseau pants, made from a combination of organic cotton and recycled polyester, ($47 CAD) looks like the perfect choice for lounging around the house, curled up with a book on a rainy day, or even going for a quick bike ride around the neighborhood.

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