Osei-Duro – modern Ghanaian style

By Kate | Women
Posted Sep 28, 2011

Maryanne Mathias and Molly Keogh developed Osei-Duro to create socially responsible and sustainable clothing that encourages international/intercultural cooperation. The designers originally chose to start their company in Ghana because it offered a unique selection of cultural fabrics and silhouettes not available from Western suppliers. Osei-Duro is dedicated to creating socially responsible and sustainable clothing and works closely with women of Dzidefo Women’s Cooperatives to teach new skills, pay fairly, and maintain good quality. This Bogalon Bag is made from hand-woven and hand-printed cotton mudcloth (locally called bogalon). Mudcloth is made by traditional West African methods using local minerals as pigments. Each bag is also lined in contrasting wax print cotton, every one different.  Comes with tan (shown), red or black leather. $160 USD. Ships to Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.

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