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Our Mission

We are living in an impossible world. Fashion is an incredibly toxic industry and it is impossible to ‘buy’ our way out of the pollution and waste recent fast production and fast consumption have caused.

For us ‘magnifeco’ is an exclamation of joy! A discovery of designers, artisans and makers who have ‘change’ at their core; triple bottom line (people, planet and prosperity) in their structure yet never sacrificing design or beauty.

We support the eco-fashion and sustainable living communities truly and sincerely. We will never participate in ‘greenwashing’ nor feature designers or companies who think one ‘right’ can fix a myriad of ‘wrongs’.  If you suspect greenwashing in any of our stories you are encouraged to contact the editor directly at

The political issues surrounding eco- and ethical fashion are immense. For more information regarding the issues we recommend:

Clean Clothes Campaign

The Labour Behind the Label

Fair Labour Association

World Fair Trade Organization

International Labor Rights Forum

War on Want

Fair for Life

Made By

Fair Wear Foundation

Greenpeace Detox Campaign

Native Appropriations

Ethical Trading Initiative 

Soil Association

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

EcoTextile News

Environmental Working Group (EWG)

David Suzuki Foundation