Oveja Negra – hand-kints from Argentina

By Kate | Women
Posted Dec 27, 2010

As snow blows across many countries in the north and the sun beats down on countries in the south we were delighted to find Oveja Negro, whose hand-knit sweaters, cardigans and scarves come in a range of colours and materials – perfect for whatever season you may be in! Like this this hand knitted gold poncho, of 100% vegetable silk, with silk fringes, stitch work on the arms, open stitch texture that lets you see beneath and lots of details make this poncho an stunning piece. $120 USD.

Or this Riona cardigan, with  a braided celtic design in the neck and cuffs and a big button closure that opens slightly in the front. Made of silk and 100% wool.  $155 USD. All Oveja Negra items are unique and done with local materials. They are 100 % made in Argentina. Buy from Etsy, ships everywhere.

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