Pachacuti – certified Fair Trade and sustainable

By Kate | Women
Posted Mar 12, 2011

Pachacuti, meaning ‘world upside-down’ in the Quechua language, is the UK’s only Fair Trade hat specialist, working directly with women’s co-operatives in Ecuador. The panama hat supply chain has traditionally been controlled by middlemen, known as ‘perros’ (dogs in Spanish) due to their unscrupulous purchasing methods and weavers typically receiving a very low price for their skills. With a Pachacuti panama, the women carry out the entire production process from weaving to finishing and thus retain far more of the final value of the hat.

But this isn’t your father’s Panama Hat- having been a fashion staple through the era’s – it now tops the heads of the rockin’ fashionistas at summer festivals around the world. With colors like flamingo (above), sky (blue), cranberry, poppy and arizona (yellow) there is a Panama Hat for every style! Prices start at £37.00 GDP. Of course – there is also a full men’s line too!

Magnifeco is proud to be supporting Fairtrade Fortnight. Pachacuti is the first Fair Trade organisation to complete the pilot for the new World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) certification process. The pilot label was launched in November 2009 and Pachacuti became the first international Fair Trade organisation to be able to put ‘Certified Fair Trade and Sustainable’ on all of their product range.

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