Paris: the charity shop with “wow” effect

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By Kamila | Women
Posted Feb 5, 2013

Le Marais, the famous district of Paris, hides dozens of boutiques with the French touch and Parisian style. On a border of the district (near metro Republique) I discovered second-hand clothing gem Bis Boutique Solidaire. The concept resembles British charity shops, but the reality is far different from the limited space and suspicious smells that one often finds in London that, at time, feel out of place in your stylish wardrobe. Bis beats a charity shop at High Street Kensington, hands down.

The first thing that gets you is the “brand image”. From the windows, the logo, the interior of the shop – everything is in the pure French style blended with latest trends. It compels you to enter.

The assortment of the shop is high quality; The pieces picked up from collection of clothes for charity come from the older generation of Parisians taking part in the collections of clothes – the generation with style, taste and passion for good quality.

Timeless pieces and classics abound. You can find blazers, trousers, skirts, dresses, hats, scarves, shoes in women’s men’s and children’s wear. The prices are comparable to high street retailers, but the quality and feeling is totally different.

By shopping in Bis Boutique you support recycling of fashion as well as job opportunities. Bis Boutique employs people in the shop, in the atelier where the clothes are getting ready to be resold, in the collection of clothes by Catholic charity where the IT items are picked. The items, that are not detected as IT items continue their journey where they are needed. The collection of old clothing present in Bis Boutique is done locally, processed locally and resold locally. By shopping in Bis Boutique you become a part of this stylish solidarity concept. BIS Boutique Solidaire, 7 boulevard du Temple 75003 Paris.

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