Paula | Coles, Haiti – fashion that cares

By Kate | Women
Posted Dec 24, 2012

Each Paula | Coles, Haiti product is a promise. Coles grew up in France, Haiti and Algeria and upon completion of her studies in Paris, settled back in Haiti where she and her husband have a tee-shirt manufacturing company in Port au Prince.

After an earthquake in 2002, Coles begin helping a small orphanage endowed with a school headed by an elderly nun. The school was destroyed by the earthquake, and Coles came to realize that she needed to seriously increase her help to the institution.

When Coles noticed that entire truckloads of the jersey fabric scraps used in the tee-shirt fabrication process were being thrown out every single day, she recognized an opportunity. Led by the creativity and genius of Haitian people who, in spite of their limited resources, manage to produce magnificent objects with all types of refuse materials, she designed a bag made entirely of the recycled materials from her plant.

Then she made a promise – a promise to make each day a little brighter for the students of the school and for her country. The purchase of each Paula | Coles, Haiti product directly pays for ONE of the annual tuition fees for one child. Depending on the item  purchased, as each bag is associated specifically to one of the following tuition fees: classes, uniforms (mandatory), books, school supplies and computer classes; each of these cost a specific value determined by the non profit organization Coles works with, PRODEV, an NGO who strives to offer the best, most innovative education in Haiti.

Great endeavors are always born out of great need. Paula Coles, founded Paula | Coles, Haiti as a mission to provide education and a promise of a brighter future for thousands of underprivileged children in Haiti while caring for our planet, using 100% of recycled fabric scraps from t-shirts manufacturing factories in Haiti.

Each and every one of the products is a unique work of art, a canvas of culture and creativity crafted with 100% recycled fabric scraps by native Haitians. iPad covers start at $80 USD, clutches $100 USD and shoulder bags $195 USD. Appreciated by Donna Karan and stocked in Urban Zen, the Paula | Coles, Haiti collection can also be found online.

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