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By Kate | Men
Posted May 10, 2013

As Gatsby opens up in North America, you can already sense it – fancy dress parties will be the trend this summer. Luckily, fair trade pioneer People Tree has anticipated the trend and has these Chambray, single lapel blazers in natural woven cotton. With one breast pocket, double button cuffs, square front flap pockets and black horn buttons you can look as casual as you do debonair (yes, we said it).

More of a button-down man, hand woven navy blue and white check long sleeved shirt and natural shell buttons will work. Both made in Bangladesh in 100% cotton. But not the ‘headline-grabbing’ Bangladesh.

For more than twenty years, People Tree has been a pioneer of sustainable and fair trade fashion and promise that everything they sell is fair trade, ethical and sustainable. People Tree products are made out of natural materials including organic cotton and wool. They partner with artisans and producers and give back to make those communities stronger.

In fact, People Tree have just launched a Rag Rage campaign:

People Tree is deeply saddened and outraged over the Dhaka factory collapse, which killed hundreds and injured more than a thousand garment workers in Bangladesh. We believe it is time for both the fashion industry and consumers to take responsibility. We all have a role to play in ensuring that the exploitation and dangerous working conditions endured by garment workers stop.We are asking you to join us in calling for change. We have started the Rag Rage Campaign to challenge the fashion brands sourcing from Bangladesh to stop cutting corners in the garment industry. Would you sign our petition today?

  1. We are challenging brands which source or have sourced from these factories to fund immediate compensation for the injured and the dead for loss of earnings over each worker’s lifetime, and
  2. We are challenging brands sourcing in Bangladesh to withdraw from contracts unless the Bangladesh Fire and Safety Agreement is enforced.
  3. We are agreeing, “until this happens I will buy less fast fashion, buy more second hand fashion and more Fair Trade fashion”.

Sign the petition now

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