Pining for Mad Men? Dressing like Betty Draper-

By Kate | Women
Posted Apr 5, 2012

Are you mad for the sexy, pin-up fashion of Mad Men? Betty Draper’s style is so on trend, vintage stores can’t keep up. To the rescue, U.K. label Tara Starlet; a vintage-inspired fashion line with responsible ethics and a timeless charm. Created and run by a mother and daughter team, Tara Starlet is a family business, born of a shared passion for the glory days of old and a mutual concern for the well being of our planet and it’s inhabitants.

Tara Starlet are advocates of recycling and  have a collection of original buttons and trimmings from their favourite eras that they try to incorporate into  designs wherever possible, giving collections true authenticity. Tara Starlet also use end of roll fabrics, putting to good use what would otherwise be waste.

On top of this, all clothes are made locally in London. These ecological techniques help to make Tara Starlet authentic, unique and exclusive, and at the same time, keep all of  consciences clear as crystal! Ships almost everywhere.

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