Resizing fashion’s carbon footprint

The prototype of the textile sorter, in a warehouse north of Amsterdam. Jan Bom – P+ People, Planet, Profit the Netherlands

By Staff | News
Posted Aug 22, 2012


Cheap clothing has become a disposable product in our society and most people in Europe recycle or donate less than half the clothing they discard — and they discard a lot — with the rest going into landfills.

And despite the global economic downturn, more clothes, home furnishings and other textiles are being bought than ever. Great Britain alone has seen a 60-percent increase in textile purchases over the last decade. Experts estimate that British consumers throw out more than a million tonnes (1.1 million U.S. tons) of textiles in the form of clothes and other products every year. A European Union environmental report calls fabric Britain’s “fastest growing waste stream.”

Meanwhile, the Bureau of International Recycling, an industry advocacy group, claims that a single kilogram of collected used clothing can help reduce up to 3.6 kilograms, or almost 8 pounds, of CO2 emissions. Read more via Sustainable Innovation: Reducing Fashion’s Carbon Footprint –

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