Rützou – poetic realism

By Kate | Women
Posted May 16, 2011

Upcoming wedding or garden party? This Rützou Jersey Dress With High Collar, featuring a high boat neckline with a low draped back and a thick grosgrain trim would be perfect! Made of 100% tencel, the fine gathered pleating, a knee length cut, cropped blouson sleeves with fitted cuffs and a slouchy fluid jersey finish will suit all occasions (and all weather!) £159.00 from ASOS, who ship everywhere.

“Fashion is about your attitude of life. Fashion should make people feel good, look their best and be comfortable. I don’t like people to look like fashion victims.” — says Susanne Rützou who founded Rützou in 2000 in Copenhagen, by creating a women’s collection with her precise traits. Attributes that continue to be the hallmarks of the collection today: Her personal style, especially researched and refined materials, and a production quality that ensures garments maintain a tailored aspect.

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