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Sage and Ivy

By Kate | Women
Posted Sep 7, 2011

Another magnifeco find from the SoEthic Paris show is Sage and Ivy, presenting her 4th collection. This luxury ready to wear line from Dutch designer Alexia van Engelen is committed to ensuring that all pieces are produced under acceptable conditions and in an ethical way. To Sage and Ivy this means that pieces must have been produced: lawfully, through fair & honest dealing; without exploiting the people who made them; in decent working conditions and; without damaging the environment or animals. Sage and Ivy never uses leather or fur in collections.

Love this stunning white Perla dress with pearls, so proper at the front and yet revealing with the cutout shoulders and pearls at the back of this body con dress. € 495,00.

Or the combination of this white mohair Leia sweater, a striped sheer white mohair sweater € 425,00 paired with these metallic fitted motor cross trousers € 295,00. Ships everywhere.

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