Saint Basics: The Netherlands’ “Most Sustainable Brand”

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By Valerie Hutterer | Men
Posted Nov 12, 2016

Doing something good for yourself and the world around you can be as easy as … putting on your underwear! Sustainability is long past the image of tree huggers and hippies. Sustainability is hip and sexy. But is sexy also sustainable? The Dutch brand Saint Basics, proves that sustainability and sexy can go hand in hand.

According to the independent website Rank A Brand they are named ‘the greenest clothing brand in the Netherlands’. Saint Basics is the only brand with an A-status for sustainability in the category ‘Fashion, clothing and shoes’, leading the category for the third time in a row.

They produce clean, safe and social. Always according to the strictest GOTS-Standards, the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain, and use innovative super-eco fabrics and naturally all their products are OEKO-Tex certified, an independent testing and certification system for textile products from all stages of production (fibers, yarns, fabrics, ready-to-use end products, including accessories) along the textile value chain.

The brand’s stylish eco basics have a smart design, making you feel more comfortable and look fantastic. They do not use any pesticides or other toxins and leave no chemical waste behind. They are very energy-efficient and even more efficient with water anywhere in their process. Their cotton collection contains 30% less water than the world average and even 70% less than cotton from India. The brand takes a stand against sweatshops, child labour and exploitation but respect for all people they work with and pay fair prices. Their human side is also visible with the unisex whoCares shirt in collaboration with CARE. The revenue of each shirt goes to Greece to assist refugees.

The latest material added to this eco brand is wood. Yes, wooden underpants! Saint Basics has crafted an entire collection made from eucalyptus wood. Eucalyptus is a fast-growing tree with the potential of being an ethical and eco-friendly material for the fashion industry. Eucalyptus as a material is known as Tencel® Lyocell. It is made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. The eucalyptus goes through a similar process as other semi-synthetic natural fibers, such as Viscous bamboo fabric, but the Lyocell process used to make eucalyptus is more eco-friendly.

The European Union (EU) awarded this process the Environmental Award 2000 in the category ‘technology for sustainable development’.

At the Dutch Design Week 2015 we gave hundreds of people a first feel of our new fabric.The reactions were overwhelming. People could not believe how soft and comfortable a pair of underpants made out of wood could be.

The yarns for the Saint Basic collection are made by the Lenzing company from Austria. They produce the fibers in a closed-loop system. The organic solvent that is applied, is almost entirely used up. And the little bit of residue that remains, is being re-used in the glass industry.

Wooden underpants will make you feel great and sexy and what is more sexy than sustainability …


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