Saskia Diez – paper (Tyvek®) travel bags

By Kate | Men
Posted Oct 13, 2009

After completing her training as a goldsmith Saskia Diez decided to study industrial design. She still does beautiful jewelry design, but that’s not what has caught our eye. She also designs a line of different-size traveling bags, made of Tyvek®, a synthetic paper that is extremely light but at the same time extremely robust (and 100% recyclable). This design is noteworthy in many respects, not only on account of the material’s enormous durability, but also because of the high-end finish. A silk-screen printing technique gives the material a particularly attractive look. The bags are labelled with a sterling silver flake. Bags come in two sizes: 115g, 36x20x41cm, €109 or 135g, 49x25x32cm, €139. Ships everywhere.

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