Special Report: Made in Japan, sold in Harajuku

By Staff | News
Posted Jul 10, 2012

Against the relentless rise of fast fashion and an influx of soulless knockoffs now flooding the Harajuku fashion market, it is hard to see a future for the individual creative brands that used to personify the area. Taking a stand against this tide is Acryl Bones, a new concept shop from the design guild Go South, founded in 2009 and helmed by Daisuke Ichikawa.

Speaking on the eve of a private fashion show held for fans of the guild’s brands, Ichikawa said, “I want to unite rock- and street-fashion creators who are passionate about making everything within Japan and doing it, as much as possible, by hand. After all, we need to work together to keep our culture alive.”

Inside the shop, the splattered paint, artfully distressed textiles and vandalized T-shirts may not seem particularly innovative, but it is their authenticity that Ichikawa is hoping will appeal to fashion fans who still long for the quality Japan is renowned for as well as a genuine engagement with Harajuku culture. At the very least, the shop, which has been built, painted and graffitied by the design guild, is a reminder of the creative spirit that first brought Harajuku such acclaim, not to mention a warning of the folly it would be to let this spirit fade. (S.T.)

Acryl Bones: 2F Yasuda Building, Jingumae 1-13-18, Shibuya, Tokyo; go-south.info/main.

By MISHA JANETTE and SAMUEL THOMAS via The beautiful future of fashion | The Japan Times Online.

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