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By Staff | Women
Posted Aug 10, 2011

Much has been said and made of the value of scarves in embellishing, enhancing and re-booting a tired wardrobe (the high street youtube video, the designer’s down-loadable pdf, etc.) but this is by far our favourite….thank you to Shadders, The Best of African Inspired Design for permission to share!

Print Designer Charlotte Linton’s Spring/Summer Collection

Original appeared July 29, 2011 by shadders

This season sees Charlotte Linton’s muse Ermantrude on an expedition to Madagascar. The prints are inspired by the coral-like plant life of the island’s spiny forests, it’s unique flora and fauna such as the dancing Verreaux’s Safika and it’s richness in natural minerals; and by Ermantrude’s continued passion for anthropology and archaeology.

The collection features four scarves in wool and four in silk, for versatility of wear and to span the seasons from Spring to Autumn. The prints are eclectic and vibrant reflecting the pluralism of Ermantrude’s life and travels.

Model – Juliana

Styling – Mischa Notcutt

Photography – Mark Champion

Make Up – Sarah Crick Linton

All designs and photographs are Copyright of Charlotte Linton 2011

via Print Designer Charlotte Linton’s Spring/Summer Collection | Shadders – Best of African Inspired Design.

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