Special Report: Maternity Clothing Rental

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Posted Jan 12, 2012

Written on January 12, 2012 by savvysassymoms in Style

Pregnancy is one of the best and worst times of a woman’s life. Being pregnant is both fun and exciting but it can be uncomfortable and get expensive! I love fashion so for me when I got pregnant I couldn’t wait to shop for maternity clothes. (strange, I know) I saw my growing belly as a new accessory. I have to admit, I liked dressing it up and looking cute. Don’t get me wrong I loved my stretchy pants and tank tops too and a lot of days were spent in pajamas. You’re pregnant for almost a year, there is sure to be an occasion when you need to dress up or want to look and feel good.

With my 2nd pregnancy I had to attend my 10 year high school reunion, I was not so excited about this. So in my emotional state of wanting to look the best I could with my basketball belly and swollen ankles, I went and bought a very expensive top and a pair of designer maternity jeans. Yes, I looked cute but at a very expensive price. The top was never worn again and well I was at the end of my pregnancy so I think I wore the jeans maybe 3 more times. Had Borrow for your Bump been around I would have just rented a maternity dress or a pair of maternity jeans and saved so much money.

Borrow for your Bump (“BFYB”) is a new online maternity boutique that rents and sells contemporary designer clothing for the expectant mom with flair. This is on right on trend with many sharing sites much like Send the Trend or Thred Up, think of it like the Netflix’s of Maternity Clothes. The site offers designer brands such as Paige Denim, Nom, Seraphine and Maternal America. ”We allow our customers to grow, borrow and return maternity clothes so they don’t have to sacrifice style or break the bank while sporting a bump!”

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