SPUN – organic style

By Kate | Women
Posted Aug 24, 2011

This blog tries to reach to all corners of the globe, and all levels of affordability. From the self-described “mother of two little girls, with no fashion design experience, who is dedicated to creating quality organic clothing that meets her personal three F’s…it fits, flatters and is fashionable” Sara Seumae’s label SPUN is simple, stylish and affordable. This 3/4 sleeve dress is one of SPUN‘s bestsellers, made of 100% organic cotton, it comes in black or midnight blue. $94 USD. Ships everywhere.

SPUN has also turned their flagship store in Seattle into a sustainable collective – magnifeco! SPUN Sustainable Collective helps support local designers by providing them with shelf/rack space in their Capitol Hill store. When you are in Seattle – drop by Tues-Sat 11am-7pm.

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