Starch Slides: Mens’ Shirts Reborn as Stylish Slides

By Staff | Women
Posted Aug 17, 2016

One look at Starch Slides and you know: these were born in fashion. It’s the colors, the styling and even the concept, they all hint that founder Shannon Crowley has a background in fashion retail buying and managing. The name Starch Slides comes from the way the shoes are made; from upcycling used mens’ shirts. We caught up with Crowley to find out more.

What does ethical/sustainable mean to you and the brand?

I think ethical/sustainable means being aware. Doing something that is helping the environment and really having an open door communication with all aspects of your business. I am always talking with my manufacturers and share photos of them on my Instagram (@starchslides). I want people to know what they are buying, how we used a shirt that was waste and made their original, sustainable slides.

How did the idea for Starch Slides come about?

I came up with Starch Slides as a fashion approach to up-cycling, I want people to love the slides for the style and it be the cherry on the top that they are sustainable and made from recycled mens’ shirts. Every shirt makes 4 slides: 1 small, 2 mediums and 1 large. This means the slides are very limited edition.

What has been the most rewarding since you launched?

The most rewarding thing since launching Starch Slides has been seeing customers really fall in love with the Slides and their story. I love hearing people who buy them as gifts, who wear theirs and get compliments and watching people rock them on Instagram. I am always watching our IG to see tags and we repost most of them, I want the Starch Slides community to be a real, non-filtered community of cool, individual, amazing women rocking their Starch Slides, it is my favorite thing to see and I think it will always be the most rewarding thing.

Some of our biggest breakthroughs come from moments that seemed, at the time, like setbacks. Have you had any?

I love a challenge so to me a “setback” is just that. As a new company I have these all the time, one would be a delay in our second round of production, I had so many people waiting and I was so anxious to receive the new Slides that the setback felt like an eternity. I stayed really open with my customers and they understood. I think this really reminded me that honesty in business is always the best policy. It doesn’t hurt that the Starch Slides’ customers happen to be amazing and completely understanding.

What is your the best seller?

The Willie – the classic blue and white pinstripe (see pic above). I think this is the best seller because it is such an iconic mens’ button up print. What man doesn’t own a blue and white pinstripe shirt?

Final thoughts?

Starch Slides are great for any age range, since our slides come in size small, medium, and large they are a great, unique gift to give. You can rest assured you are the only one walking around town in the pattern that you have. You should also know that they are very comfortable and durable, trust me I test this theory stomping around New York City in them, they really are the easier shoe to throw on and go, the fact that they are environmentally friendly should put an extra pep in your step.

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