Stella Neptune – upcycling cashmere

By Kate | Women
Posted Nov 23, 2010

Eva Kisevalter is a devout thrift shopper who has combined her love of pop graphics with her addiction to cashmere to create Stella Neptune. This sweater had been snacked on by a pesky moth so she came up with an original way to reclaim it! Stella Neptune moth appliques are hand screen printed on recycled cashmere, hand cut, then intricately hand sewn over the moth hole! Each garment is sourced, designed, sewn, and hand screen printed in LA. $140 USD. Each sweater is created from larger recycled cashmere sweaters and results in each piece being unique; therefore they will vary slightly in shape and color from the image shown – and because each moth snacks on sweaters in their own annoying way, the placement of the moths may vary from sweater to sweater.

Or – save your own sweater with packages of Recycled Cashmere Moth Appliques. Various colours available. $25.00 USD. Ships everywhere.

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