Stewart+Brown® – essensuals

By Kate | Women
Posted Aug 29, 2011

After writing this blog for almost 3 years, it gets easier and easier to find designers who are appealing to consumers’ growing interest in organic pieces. Especially basics; consumers are becoming more demanding that, at the very least, the garments closest to the skin should be in organic or natural fibres. Organic pioneers™ like Stewart+Brown® have been offering organic basics since 2002, so we are not surprised to see them take basics to the next level.

The Stewart+Brown® fall Essensuals line has something for everyone; there’s long tanks and lengthened tee’s, sleeves short or long, V-, scoop- or turtlenecks, in colours like: sand, brick, ink, cobblestone or snow. All made in California and all made of 100% pima cotton. Prices start at $78 USD. Only ships to Canada or the U.S.

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