studio JUX – do good and look good

By Kate | Men
Posted May 25, 2012

Studio JUX is a designer brand from Amsterdam. JUX is a German word for fun. According to studio JUX, fashion should be fun: for you as the consumer, for the designer and for the manufacturer. studio JUX was founded in 2006 (we first featured in 2010) by Jitske Lundgren, who graduated the European Master in Fashion and Textile Design at the famous Institute Francais de la Mode. During a study trip to India, a purple man changed her ideas about fashion. This Indian man was responsible for dyeing the clothing. He was standing in a bath full of purple dye, and thus had to go through life in the very same color as the clothes he produced. This was not her idea of fashion being fun!

After graduation, Jitske worked as a fashion designer for established brands. There, her disappointment about the fashion industry became stronger. So she decided to do it her way and started JUX. Today, Jitske lives in Kathmandu where she manages the factory together studio JUX with a Nepali woman.

The Spring 2012 collection includes organic cotton shirts (€ 69 95) and soy knit cardigans (€ 94 95) for men and organic cotton (some with seacell – cellulose mixed with seaweed) dresses for women (€ 89 95) and more. Ships everywhere, and free within the Netherlands.

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