Style can be complicated but AWAVEAWAKE makes it easy

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By Melissa | Women
Posted Mar 27, 2013

Style can be complicated.  It can stay stagnant, vary, evolve.  It may depend on how we feel or how we want to feel.  Who we want to be or at least try to. That is what makes describing ourselves, our aesthetic that complicated.  Explaining it, giving words to feelings, to visuals, to creations can be a challenge but AWAVEAWAKE does a lovely job in saying that it:

“strives to be a marriage of functionality and beauty: easy to wear but entirely elegant; modest, but embracing the feminine and the sensual; luxurious, but conscious of its footprint and considerate of its place in the world.”

I connected instantly.  It strives to be something similar to what I might describe, should I have to. Easy, beautiful, and conscious- pretty much all I need to hear. Also, being influenced by the effortless glamour of the 70’s (my choice decade) this brand couldn’t be more me.

Since everyone loves a good story, here is how AWAVEAWAKE got started.

While in her final year of studying sculpture, art history and writing at Sarah Lawrence College, Jaclyn Hodes went to Paris for the film studies program at Sorbonne. It was there that she got into fashion and ended up helping to style editorials and fashion shows. When she returned to New York she continued to style for magazines like Dazed & Confused, Dossier, Hobo, i-D, Lula, and Nylon.  She even acted as fashion editor for The Blowup and Vice.

In 2002, Jaclyn was accepted into FIT’s Fashion and Textile Studies program during which she worked with and researched historic garments.  She was particularly drawn to the long, free silhouettes of the late 1960’s to 1970’s.  This combined with her personal collection of 1930’s lingerie creates and inspires the shape and design of AWAVEAWAKE.  With subtly detailed slip dresses acting as the backbone of the collection, it is all very classic, clean, simple yet sophisticated.  Designed to stay with you for an indeterminate amount of time.

As a practicing Kundalini yogi, a form that focuses on awareness and intuition as well as cultivating creative potential to aid others, it is no wonder Jaclyn is using her talents for good.  Made from ethically sourced material that is all-natural plant dyed and manufactured in New York City, the brand’s purpose is to draw attention to how ethical fashion and conscious sourcing impact the environment and the economy.  It can be difficult balancing long term environmental impact and optimal social benefit but AWAVEAWAKE manages to do it with style.

AWAVEAWAKE is Jaclyn Hodes’ way of changing the fashion industry. Having launched on September 5, 2012 this (relatively new) label making earth conscious clothing from sustainably manufactured silk, bamboo, hemp and cotton is definitely one to watch out for.


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