Sustainable Jeans for Men – 5 brands you should know

Noble- Earnest Slim Straight Nudie- High Kai Organic in Icon Yellow Standard Issue- Men’s Selvedge Denim Nonetheless- NeoShell Heavy Duty “Jean” Hiut- Hacka (Slim Organic) for 2013

By Meg | Men
Posted Mar 15, 2013

The nostalgic view of masculinity could be described with words like integrity, passion, logic, authentic and discipline. Since these words would also describe ethical design, it’s only natural that premium men’s denim lines would incorporate sustainability into their brand’s core values. From around the globe, here are the five top brands that are leading the market for men’s jeans.

Noble Denim

Made in America and in small batches is all the vogue in denim wear. It is also the best method for ensuring quality production, supporting the local economy, and reduce the carbon footprint of production and waste.  Nobel Denim of Cincinnati, Ohio takes it to the next step, ensuring that all components of their jeans are organic, reclaimed or organically sourced. Jeans are made by batch, and if you miss the current batch wait times are between four and six weeks. While you wait, you can give them your twitter or instagram name and you will be sent a photo of your jeans being made. #awesome

Nudie Jeans 

In 2006, Nudie Jeans announced it’s brand goal of creating a 100% organic denim collection. It’s now 2013, and Nudie has succeeded. Along with organic, Nudie has a commitment to living wages, has a line of recycled cotton denim, incorporates vegetable tanned leather, and supports independent music. To cap it all off, it’s 2013 spring/summer collection is an on-trend visual feast for the eyes and soul.

Apolis Global

This lifestyle brand is a small group of social entrepreneurs who believe in investing in people worldwide to create lasting positive global change. In 2004, brothers Raan & Shea Parton founded Apolis with the simple idea that people can live better lives if they are given equal access to opportunity.  Now offering a wide breadth of products for the well-educated international man of mystery.  They have a small line of denim products, made from Indigo White Oak Denim from the historic Cone Mills in North Carolina.

Nonetheless Garments

These “jeans” aren’t really denim but who cares. Nonetheless Garments is a brand founded on triple bottom line and Cradle-to-Cradle design ethos. The NeoShell Heavy Duty “Jean” is made in Chicago with Polartec® NeoShell, a waterproof yet incredibly breathable fabric with four-way stretch technology. Other features include the Gull Wing Gusseted Crotch for more freedom of movement and Purpose Aggressive Gripper waistband for non-slip performance. These jeans will help anyone trump unpredictable weather and arrive at the office or bar stylish and dry. This is the must-have jean for any gentleman into active transportation.


Cardigan, UK is a town of four thousand people. At one point, 400 of them were employed by the local denim manufacturer until the brand moved overseas, leaving a town full of denim experts. This was the town that Howie Founders, David and Clare Hieatt, lived in. (Howie’s  was sold to Timberland in 2006.) Hiut denim was started in 2012 to preserve the knowledge of the town’s jean manufacturing, and on the principal of Do One Thing Well. The company produces two types of jeans, one from Japanese raw indigo selvedge and one from Turkish organic cotton. Fun fact: the Hieatt’s are also behind the Do Lectures in Wales, now in it’s fifth year.

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