The Craftmen – modern design, heirloom quality

By Staff | Men
Posted Jan 25, 2013

Nathan Johnson & Jayson Ramos were friends for over a decade before deciding to come together to create a men’s handmade luxury leather goods line called The Craftmen. At the start, neither had any knowledge of how to properly sew leather, so they immersed themselves in the craft. After months of trial and error (and many discarded designs) Johnson and Ramos finally settled on their signature “saddle” stitch.

“Often used too liberally, handmade is truly an ideal seen throughout our entire process. We cut our designs by hand with a straight edge & blade. We hand-sew every stitch with two saddle-needles. Down to the envelopes your goods arrive in, we have had our hands in creating everything you see.” are the words of The Craftmen.

Handmade & hand sewn, these leather goods proudly made in the USA. Comb, card, glasses and phone sleeves, plus keychains and travel wallets are available in multiple colours. Plus, since all of the goods are handmade & hand-stitched one at a time, there are subtle differences between each product. This means your selection will be unique… and will age and grow in character.

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