The Giant Lipstick: using art for change

By Staff | News
Posted Apr 15, 2013

“Did you know that lipstick tubes are not recycled? That’s why I have transformed these tubes into a piece of art containing 5000 lipsticks.” – Agne Kisonaite

Four tubes of lipstick are sold every second in the world. And they are not recyclable. Astonished by the amount of waste this creates, Agne Kisonaite, one of a young generation of Eastern European artists, wanted to make a statement. Kisonaite graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts before studying in Lille, France.

“I wanted to create something which triggered our society to think more seriously about consumerism and the types of products they are purchasing, and to bring attention towards the need to reduce waste.”

The Giant Lipstick was created with 5000 used lipstick tubes, measuring a height of 2.5 meters (8 ft.) and with an overall weight of 200kg (440 lbs). The sculpture debuted on the 8th of March, 2013 – International Women’s Day in Vilnius.

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