The Renewal Workshop: An Easy (and Fashionable) Way to Save the Planet

By Staff | Crowdfunding Love
Posted Sep 11, 2016

We keep hearing about fashion waste as something we, as consumers, should be concerned about. And it’s true; we buy too much and dispose of it too often. But what about the commercial side of fashion waste? What about all of those pieces in stores and malls across the country (or sitting in warehouses) that never get sold? Or worse, could get sold if it wasn’t for the small… fill in the blank with: broken zipper, hole, tear, missing button, etc.

The latter was a problem Nicole Bassett couldn’t get out of her head. And she got co-founder Jeff Denby to join her in the solution: renew, repair, and resell through Renewal Workshop. There are about 13 million tons of clothing that ends up in the landfill EVERY year—from damaged clothes to excess or returned apparel. The Renewal Workshop partners with apparel brands and retailers to renew their “unsellable” returns and excess inventory.

In their Cascade Locks factory (Oregon), each garment will get a new life as Renewed Apparel. Renewed Apparel will then either be sold back to the brand, to be sold through their sales channels, or go direct-to-consumer at Plus, if there are any products that can’t be renewed, they will responsibly manage the upcycling, downcycling, or recycling of them in order to optimize the resources already invested in them.

These pioneers shaping the future of apparel want your support. With a current Indiegogo campaign, Nicole, Jeff and their team are aiming to raise $50,000 to buy more components for their state of the art factory. And, in exchange you get a chance to both save perfectly good goods from the landfill and get a deal in the process. Their comprehensive perk program lets you have first dibs on Renewed Apparel or, for the big spenders, take a trip to Oregon for a tour of the factory. Don’t miss out – ends soon!


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