The Tilda Wrap – 100 dresses in one

By Kate | Women
Posted Jul 1, 2009

We truly believe The Uniform Project is going to radically change the way people view fashion. It’s an amazing challenge (one dress for 365 days!) But for those of us who need some help reinventing a dress over and over, we present the Tilda Wrap. Based in Australia, Matilda’s Place deals directly with manufacturers in India to produce their top quality, two-layer, fully reversible wrap, made from A grade silk fabric from vintage Indian saris.

All of their wraps have a minimum 1½ inch belt strap which makes presentation of your designs much neater and more effective than the thinner styles. One of the complaints to makers of these wraps is the hem line unravelling and hanging due to loop and surged stitching so each Tilda wrap is professionally hem-stitched to avoid this common problem.

Both layers of this Tilda Wrap are made from crushed silks. Comes in a Free Size, will fit a size 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16. And the website features instructions on 100 + Ways to wear. Regular $110, now $49.99 AUD. Ships everywhere.

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