Timberland sends us on a magnifeco adventure

By Kate | Events
Posted Jul 3, 2012

When our friends at Timberland® invited us to go to the first seasonal installment of Wanderlust, we were thrilled. If you love yoga and the great outdoors or if you wax poetic about your time at ‘camp’ when you were a child, then Wanderlust is for you! ‘Wanderlust brings together the world’s leading yoga teachers and top-tier musical performers in settings of breathtaking natural beauty‘ for 4 exhausting days in various mountain resorts across North America. There is so much fun to had – it should be billed as ‘yoga-camp for all ages.’ With a mission to create community around mindful living by practicing yoga, eating well, being green, practicing purpose, creating awareness and showcasing art (including live music) – Wanderlust is our nirvana.

The practicing green is where Timberland® comes in. Timberland serves as the Official Greening Partner and Wanderlust Hiking Program Sponsor for the festival and there efforts were seen everywhere. Starting with the Wanderbus; bio-diesel bus transportation between the festival and major nearby cities (in our case NYC and Boston) to offset emissions, to the team of 50 Earthkeepers® volutneers stationed at waste stations through-out the grounds explaining proper separation and disposal of waste (explaining what was compostable versus recyclable), Timberland® was everywhere.

You may know Timberland® as the footwear and outdoor apparel company available worldwide, but many do not know that Timberland® is committed to ‘doing well and doing good‘- a perfect synergy with this festival. Timberland® hosts a variety of on-site activities to engage attendees in environmental stewardship.Timberland® organized a series of 90-390 minute hikes led by outdoor gurus, yogis and musicians to explore the connections between nature, yoga and music with the goal that, afterwards, hikers would be inspired to be ‘heroes for nature.’ On our 7-mile hike we took in the natural beauty of both the surroundings, the Green Mountains of Vermont, and the weather, as we hiked through blazing sun, pouring rain and then hail all in one afternoon. Timberland® also had an Earthkeepers® booth where festival goers of all ages were encouraged to make an environmental pledge (ride bikes more, wash clothes less, etc.) and in exchange Timberland® planted a tree in their honor.

I did all kinds of yoga: opening, deepening and stregthening, yoga to a live performance from MC Yogi and even Stand-up Paddleboard yoga. I communed with nature: hiking with the Timberland® team and on my own, all at the foot of the Appalachian Trail. I heard great music: Ani DiFranco and Ziggy Marley played, and there were DJ’s into the wee hours. And the food was amazing; we ate local: pints of strawberries, vegan empanadas, kale salads, etc. followed, on the closing night with a  beautiful ‘farm-to-table dinner’ featuring Vermont specialties. Wanderlust is truly an eco-conscious smorgasbord!  There are three more dates and locations coming up in on the Wanderlust calender, starting this weekend at Copper Mountain Resort in Colorado. If you love yoga, nature, and music – you should go!  Your body, mind, soul and belly will thank you! And when you encounter the Timberland® team – tell them we said ‘namaste’

Here’s some footage from the Vermont festival:

Disclosure: Timberland covered all expenses for Magnifeco.com editor Kate Black (and a guest) to attend Wanderlust.

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