Uncommonly Beautiful Recycled Accessories

By Kate | Women
Posted Jan 27, 2010

As soon as I introduce myself as an eco-fashion blogger, people always look me up and down and ask “what are you wearing? Is it all eco?” And I usually have to answer “no.” When I fell in love with eco-fashion, about 18 months ago, and started to discover all of the magnifeco products that were available, I also realized that the most eco thing I could do was keep what I had in my wardrobe for as long as possible; that the most eco-fashionable thing I could do was slow down my fashion consumption. Now I try to upcycle what I already have, and only buy pieces as I need them. Leading up to the EcoChic Fashion Show last week, I decided I “needed” a new piece of jewellery from Uncommonly Beautiful Recycled Accessories. An anti-landfill fashion accessory label established in 2006 by designer-maker, Kirsty Kirkpatrick, Uncommonly Beautiful challenges our perceptions of what we consider broken or useless by creating new, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. This multi-chain necklace features a turquoise and gold button, a matt brass hoop, beads in blue, cream, gold, and a mustard faceted one. Eight sections of chain in gold, silver, bronze, antique copper, brass and antique black are all constructed together in layers to give a feminine but edgy look. Total length of the necklace when open is 56cm. £28.00.

This necklace’s main focal point is a vintage silver flower brooch encased in a silver bangle, reconstructed to multiple chains. Seven sections of chain have been used in tones of silver, and antique black, some heaving in weight. All made from broken jewellery re-used. It also has a beaded feature with a black faceted bead, a smokey black faceted bead and an unusual anthracite arrow shaped bead. Creating a unique romantic statement necklace. Total length of the necklace when open is 54cm. £38.00. All pieces are hand made in their London studio  and each item comes gift boxed in a recycled box. Ships everywhere.

Just in from the designer:  20% discount off everything! Enter the code JAN2010 at the checkout.

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