Urban Lace – Inner tube jewelry

Handcrafted bracelets made from recycled bicycle inner tube

By Tiffany | Women
Posted May 15, 2012

In Portland, Oregon we have a large biking community. While this is great for fossil fuel consumption, it poses another issue: what to do with all those inner tubes? Here’s where Urban Lace steps in!

Barbi started making jewelry in her small garage in Portland, OR in 2006 for friends and family. When the demand became too great for her to keep up she partnered with Aaron Sheer and Urban Lace was born.

Barbi and Aaron Collect old bicycle inner tubes that are destined for a landfill from local bike shops, all within walking distance from their home. “ I’m very inspired by nature,” Barbi says. “Roots and lichen especially. Aaron is more inspired by architecture, his designs have a much cleaner look and a sharper edge. In the end, we work on our final designs together so both of our views are incorporated.”

Urban Lace has been working on two new lines that will debut next weekend. The collections are inspired by the intricate work of local bridges and mirrored images of nature, Magnifeco!  Keep the collections coming Urban Lace, we never knew old tires could be so chic!

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