Vivienne Westwood – Ethical Fashion Africa Project

By Kate | Women
Posted Mar 4, 2011

Handmade in Nairobi, these Vivienne Westwwod Ethical Fashion Africa Project shopping bags are created using recycled roadside advertisement banners and safari tents by marginalized communities of women such as single mothers, widows, HIV/AIDS victims and those living in extreme poverty. Vivienne Westwood launched the Ethical Fashion Africa Project with the International Trade Centre, the joint body of the United Nations (UN) and World Trade Organization (WTO). Beyond the benefit of earning an income – and giving them the possibility to pay for school fees, medical care and other basic needs – all the women involved in Vivienne Westwood’s Ethical Fashion Africa collection are empowered by the pride they take in their work and the new skills learned. One day, they hope to have their own companies and train the next generation of skilled workers, building the economy and raising the standard of living in Kenya.

The bags come in three sustainable designs: The “Get a Life” banner bag in a variety of colors, the “Purple Gaia Heart” printed on beige canvas, and the multi-colored “Orb” appliqué embroidered on khaki canvas. £ 99.00 each from Ships everywhere. This collection has a holistic approach that is 100% dedicated to supporting disadvantaged communities to improve lives. Dame Westwood’s involvement in the Ethical Fashion Africa Programme allows thousands of women to support themselves and their families with a life-long trade.

Magnifeco is proud to be supporting Fairtrade Fortnight. The product in this feature may not be certified fairtrade, but their principles are aligned with what is fair.

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