What We Are Reading: Why Fashion Matters

By Kate | Book Review
Posted Jul 15, 2016

I read so many amazing books leading up to the writing of Magnifeco (most are listed in the bibliography) that I loved, and I continue to find great reads about ethical fashion, sustainable living, or life in general that I want to share. So welcome to our inaugural ‘What we’re reading” column. (The ‘we’ is because we have some great book reviews from other voices already in the pipeline).

I’m spending the first half of the summer in Europe (Barcelona, Mallorca, Berlin and London) so this means a lot of time (beaches, airports, early hours of jet lag, etc.) to read. And although my Nook (yep, I converted to digital a few years ago and can’t turn back) is full of books, I found this gem on a bookshelf of my Berlin Airbnb and love it. Why Fashion Matters is written by Frances Corner, head of London College of Fashion (LCF), and holds 101 statements and questions. Although it came out in 2014, many of the ideas are still relevant and pertinent. Many, I have often pondered or posed to friends or colleagues in ethical fashion circles to ponder with me. For example -

How often do we convince ourselves that we need something when really we just want it and we want it only because it’s currently fashionable (#76 Question: Needs vs Wants)

And other entires offer a turn of phrase or perspective that is endearing,

Fashion may be socially frivolous but it is not sociologically trivial (Yuniya Kawamura, quoted in #26 Beyond the Bottom Line).

At 132 pages, it’s the light reading that’s perfect for picking up and putting down at several junctures throughout the day: waiting for the kettle to boil, read a few pages; need to take a break from the computer, read a few pages; filling the bath, read a few pages, etc. Each musing is less then two pages.

When I’m away, I try to meet as many people as I can – bridging the online relationships through Magnifeco into offline connections. And although I’ve never met Frances – I feel like she’s one of my newest connections, for her book offers the kind of musings and thoughts that usually arise in conversations with people I meet along the way. The kind of thoughts that make you think about what you wear, why you wear it and where it came from.

Get your own copy of Why Fashion Matters via Amazon.

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