Where I Was From – well-curated vintage

Collarless Denim Shirt Vintage slant pocket dress Vintage front and back tie dress Derby Boots

By Staff | Women
Posted Oct 22, 2012

You might remember, from our eco-guide to Tokyo that one of our favourite vintage shops is Pass the Baton; a shop specialising in curated vintage, selected recrafted pieces and the stories behind the items. Meet Where I was From, a similarly stylish, well-curated, digital vintage shop headquartered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Founded by Claire Lampert (former design director for Bodkin) and Darroch Putnam (photographer), the goal of Where I was From is to create a shop with a superior aesthetic and to introduce wearing vintage items in a modern way. Inspired by classic men’s pieces, Where I was From offers a selection of unisex, men’s and women’s vintage pieces – all shot beautifully by Putnam. Priced reasonably, the shirt is $88 USD, the dresses $108 and $118 respectively and the boots are $118. Ships everywhere.

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