Worthy Cause: Punjammies

By Kate | Women
Posted Dec 8, 2009

In February of 2005, Shannon Keith went on a life-changing trip to India. After visiting a red-light district, she could not forget the faces of the women she saw: young girls, orphans, mothers trying to feed their children held against their will or trapped by economics. Compelled by the magnitude of this reality, she founded International Princess Project to advocate for these women, give them opportunities to restore their broken lives and empower them to live in freedom. Now called Sudara, the company advocates for women enslaved in prostitution, helping them restore their lives and empowering them to live free. Through various initiatives, like PUNJAMMIES®, they both help partner organizations increase capacity and provide direct support for women in need.

Each PUNJAMMIE is created in an after-care facility for women who have been rescued, released or escaped from a life of forced prostitution. Every  purchase creates: a fair trade wage, deposit into a savings account, financial support for holistic care and capacity-building for more women to enter the after-care center.


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