Violeta Villacorta – with the highest concern for the environment

By Kate | Women
Posted Jul 23, 2010

In 1993, Violeta Villacorta made the first garment that became the start of her natural and organic handmade clothing, created with the highest concern for the environment, the people who work with her to bring them to life and the wearer. By using the best materials available Violeta Villacorta creates what she has coined as Rustic Elegance™, specializing in custom clothing made with hemp, jute, organic cotton, raw and vintage silks, fine linen, recycled and re-purposed materials and garments, hand embroidered in raffia straw. Like this Sun Vest, hand embroidered on burlap, lined in organic cotton or hemp, with raffia straw and hand braided straps. $3,500 USD.

Each piece is crafted with love, care and precision. Her clothes have been featured in national and international magazines. This Sun Vest is an exquisite piece you can wear over jeans and skirts for a casual or an evening event. It is fully hand embroidered in raffia straw and ties in front. It can be made in hemp, jute, organic cotton, re-purposed and reconstructed denim garment or vintage silk. $4,500 USD.

She is currently working on a creative design project in collaboration with indigenous communities in the Amazon, to promote their arts and crafts, by incorporating their millenary work into contemporary designs, as a means to generate a sustainable economy for the stewards of the most biodiverse ecosystem. And she needs your help. She is  fundraising for a project that will help her and the Cofán community (in Ecuador). Her goal is to return in October to work with the Cofán to build a space for the artisans, where they will create, store and showcase their arts and crafts and to stay a month with them working on new collections that will be marketed abroad as well as markets in Ecuador. Please visit her  Kickstarter Page to watch the video to learn about the project and community, may you be moved to support and contribute to this project in the Amazon.

UPDATE: this project will proceed!! Through Kickstarter Violeta has raised the funds needed for this project!!

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