Po-Zu – Ecological Winter boots

By Kate | Men
Posted Nov 2, 2010

Winter is fun, but only if you are dressed for it. All those scenes that get conjured up in one’s mind when we think of winter: snowball fights, sleigh-rides, tobogganing are only fun if you are warm. Now, most have us have outgrown those pursuits, but that doesn’t change the necessity for warmth. Take a look at these new winter boots from Po-Zu. These Piper-check boots are made up as follows: Upper- Traditional Scottish-Woven Tweed made from 100% Un-Bleached and Un-dyed wool, using the natural colours of the wool and Cork-renewable resource, locally grown in Portugal.  € 150.00.

How about these Sequoia Boots for men! This versatile boot can be worn in two ways, either as an ankle boot with the tongue folded down, or with the extension-piece as a seven-eyelet boot. The extension-piece, in hardwearing waxed suede with contrasting cotton binding, is held in position with a Velcro strap at the back.  Made up as follows: Upper- Vegetable Tanned Suede, organically tanned with vegetable extracts. Lining- Felt un-bleached & un-dyed pure wool. € 180.00. Both these Po-zu boots also feature a Footbed- un-bleached & un-dyed pure wool. Foot-Mattress- 60% Coconut Husk, 40% Natural Latex, 14mm thick, moulds to your foot shape, highly breathable to keep your feet dry, provides good insulation. Sole- Natural Latex.

If you are not familiar with Po-zu, their main ecological objectives are:

  • To use the purest bio-based materials that are kind to the environment and are completely safe to handle for all the workers throughout our supply chain.
  • To maximize the use of truly sustainable and renewable natural materials, such as hemp, cork, latex, and wool.
  • To avoid harmful glues by stitching our shoes together, which also makes them more breathable, durable, repairable and recyclable.
  • To design beautiful classic products with distinct qualities that are beyond fashion trends. The longer we carry a certain style, the more sustainable it becomes!
  • To use the highest quality materials and workmanship methods to make our product as durable as possible.
  • To minimize our waste but to maximize its proportion to be re-cycled, or where possible up-cycled.
  • To minimize our carbon footprint throughout our supply chain.
  • To maximize the proportion of energy we use that derives from renewable resources (currently 43%).
  • To use packaging which is either 100% compostable, or 100% recycled and fully recyclable.
  • To support environmental charities by donating 3% from the total sales we generate via this web site.
  • To raise environmental awareness and promote eco-friendly lifestyle.

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